Quiz Correction Procedure

Correction Directions: Go to Microsoft Word or Word on Office 365 Open a new document Make title Add your name "Insert" a 4x2 "table" Fill in the table. Print it and staple it to your original quiz. If you'd like to send it via email to


Good morning 7th graders! Please complete the following two surveys then log in to your actively learn account and complete the reading assignments. When you are finished with ALL of that, then you may read your personal book quietly. Please be your best self for the substitute! :) Mrs. Henry End

4/26/19 Earth Science Review Guide Graphics

Here are a few graphics to help you dig deeper into your review guide as you study for the Chpt. 4 & 5 Quiz on 4/29.

4/18/19 Earth Science

Agenda: Science starter Finish Inv. 5.2 Upwelling Activity Upwelling Reading

4/17/19 Earth Science

Agenda: Science Starter Investigation 5.2 (ocean salinity and density)