Frog Dissection Videos

Dissection Day 1


Examination of Frog Limbs

Frog Measurement Data

Frog Eye Observations

Tympanic Membrane

External Nares

Opening the Mouth

Observing the Tongue

Frog Teeth

Internal Nares

Gullet Opening Observations

Dissection Day 2

Frog Coloration Observation

Cutting through the Skin

Cutting through the Skin (part 2)

Cutting through the Abdominal Muscles

First Look Inside the Abdomin

Connective Tissue Observations

Liver Observations

Liver Removal

First Digestive System Observations

Observing the Stomach and Instestines

Stomach & Intestine Removal

Measuring the Small Instestine

Exploring the Interior the the Stomach

Circulatory System

Frog Circulatory Comparison to Human

Respiratory System