GMM - Chapter 3 & 4 Study Resources

Mitosis Video (Ameoba Sisters) Asexual Reproduction Video (BrainPop) Mitosis Video (Virtual Cell) Mitosis Video (BrainPop) Reprodution Anchor Notes (Mrs Henry's Website) Mitosis Notes (in student notebooks) Chapter 3 & 4 readings (Online Textbook) Mitosis Hand Motions (Mrs Henry's Website) Continue Reading

Unit Test Review Tools

Videos to watch for review:Cell Rap: Cell Specialization: Organelles Song: Plant Cells vs. Animal Cells: Photosynthesis: Continue Reading

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Scientific Notebook

Use this link to get to our class science notebook. I update it every few days, so if you get behind or if you are absent this will be a good tool for you to reference.


Class Syllabus

Use our syllabus for detailed information about class policies and curriculum.


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